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Pregnant? Need More Support?

We offer you confidential support and friendship, regardless of your pregnancy path.   Looking for resources in your local community?  We can help.   Gifts during and after your pregnancy,  just to encourage you!  Want to know more?  Call us at (970) 481-4787 or click on the "Pregnant? Contact Us" button below to connect with us.    
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When you contact A Friend 4U, you will connect with a caring person who you can confidentially share your needs.  She will suggest resources you are immediately seeking and share about our Friendship program.  Of course, there's no obligation to join.


Could you use a bit more support?  Many clients reach out since they have little to know family and friend support.  If you join, you will be matched with a trustworthy, trained woman, matched only to you. She will listen, not judge and support you through your pregnancy.   You will receive an introduction email that includes her photo, contact info and short bio even before meeting her.  The two of you decide when and where you meet.  Some meet in coffee shops, restaurants, parks or go to a doctor appointments together.   You decide how close the relationship is, whether it's personal or an occasional call for help with resources.  Many relationships last well past pregnancy, because that is what our clients want, but that's up to you!

Resource Connections

Are you looking for some material or professional resources in your local community?  She can also help you find resources since we have partnerships with many local nonprofits, government programs and organizations.  

Gifts & Practical Care

You will receive occasional gifts during your pregnancy and Care 4U gift package and meals (post-pregnancy) just to encourage you!  Everyone needs a bit of encouragement sometimes, right?  

We'd love to help you.  Want to know more? 

Contact us at (970) 481-4787

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