We are a faith-based nonprofit organization who supports pregnant women regardless of age, race, marital status and religious beliefs in Northern Colorado.

  • We match Volunteer Friends with pregnant women who reach out for support and friendship, believing when two women put their heads together powerful things can happen.

We believe every pregnant woman is empowered through authentic friendship, tangible services and connection to community resources.   

We offer our Friendship and Care 4U programs to all pregnant women, regardless of pregnancy path.

  • There are absolutely no costs to our programs.


    • We have only two program requirements: that she is pregnant and she wants to be matched in a personal relationship with another caring, trustworthy woman, offering nonjudgmental compassion during and after her pregnancy.
    • A Friend’s sole purpose is to provide personal support for a pregnant woman, no matter what her decision about the outcome of her pregnancy.
    • Although A Friend 4U refers only to parenting and adoption resources, should a client choose abortion or suffer miscarriage, the friendship continues and doesn’t change.
    • Care 4U (post-pregnancy care) is offered to women of all pregnancy paths who are current clients of our Friendship program.


When a pregnant woman calls A Friend 4U, she can share as much or as little about her situation as she chooses. Her call is confidential. Our call counselor listens. The counselor asks if she has immediate needs A Friend 4U can meet and then explains our Friendship program.

If a woman chooses to be matched, she will be connected with a Volunteer Friend within 24 hours. The Pregnant Friend defines the Friend relationship according to her needs – whether it’s intensely personal, an occasional call for information, or anything in between. The relationship continues for as long as the woman needs or chooses.