What can I expect from A Friend 4U?

When you call us, we’ll listen to you. You can share as much or as little as you want. You can ask more about our program.

If you choose to be matched in our program, you’ll be connected with a trained volunteer within 24 hours and know a bit about her before the two of you connect. From there, YOU define the relationship according to your needs. Friendships typically last beyond pregnancy because that is what our clients choose.

The two of you decide where you would like to meet. Some meet in coffee shops, fast food restaurants or a local park.

Your friend will also connect you to organizations which provide material and professional services in our local community.

You will receive occasional gifts and holiday cards during your pregnancy to encourage you. You can contact us via text, phone or through our website to learn more.

Client Stories

Vania and Marty Talk About Their Friendship

Vania was referred to A Friend 4U by The Matthews House in Fort Collins. Vania was paired with Marty in January of 2020, and they have been friends through two pregnancies. Vania’s Story Q. How did you hear about A Friend 4U? A. I heard about A Friend 4U through...

Yaricza and Dasha Talk About Their Friendship

Yaricza was referred to A Friend 4U by Family Medicine in Fort Collins. She was matched with Volunteer Friend, Dasha within one hour of calling A Friend 4U. Her son was born in June 2021. Yaricza‘s Story Q. How did you hear about A Friend 4U? A. I heard about A...

Gabriella and Kay Talk About Their Friendship

Gabriella was referred to A Friend 4U by Birthline in August of 2019. She was matched with Kay, a Volunteer Friend, within 16 hours. Gabriella delivered Stephanie November 29, 2019. She and Kay have been friends ever since. Gabriella’s Story Q. When did you...

Every pregnant client receives…

Confidential one-on-one support

  • A Volunteer Friend is matched to you within 24 hours of your call.
  • Regular, one-on-one support that lasts as long as you wish, even after pregnancy.
  • Help locating parenting and/or adoption resources you need.
  • Connection to local, tangible resources.
  • Unconditional friendship regardless of your pregnancy path, including miscarriage.

Encouragement 4U

  • Three gifts to encourage you during your pregnancy.
  • Four small holiday gifts & greeting cards.

Care 4U (post-pregnancy care)

  • Meals for you and your family.
  • Gift package

Christmas 4U

  • Gifts for you and your child(ren)